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Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage Plans are offered by private insurance companies and act as your primary insurance.

When you enroll in a medicare advantage plan Medicare pays a monthly premium to the insurance company to administer and take care of your needs.  Because of this, many medicare advantage plans do not require a high monthly premium. They usually  require that you stay within their network, and  have co-pays for many services rendered.  (Click Here) for more information.

Medicare Supplements

Medicare supplement or medigap plans work differently than medicare advantage plans.  These types of plans keep medicare as your primary insurance.  Because medicare is your primary insurance you will be able to go to any doctor (in any state) that accepts medicare.

Your supplement will then pay differences in what is left over after medicare pays their portion.

Our medicare supplement comparison tool will have you identify the differences between the types of plans.

(Click here) for more information.

Prescription Drug

Prescription drug coverage (part D) is medicare's option to cover pharmacy benefits.  

Medicare contracts with private insurance companies to administer this program.  

Many medicare advantage plans include prescription drug coverage as part of their basic benefits. Supplemental (medigap) plans do not.  

If you do not enroll in a part D plan when you are eligible medicare will penalize you for not having done so. (Click Here) for more information.

Dental Plan Options

Medicare does not cover routine dental benefits.  Many dental options are available for medicare recipients to add to their existing coverage.  (Click Here)


Hospital Indemnity

Hospital indemnity plans cover copays that the hospital may require be paid as part of an inpatient hospital stay.

New To Medicare

Evaluating plan options during your initial enrollment period

New To Medicare

Choosing a plan that is customized to your unique needs
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Losing Employer Coverage

Considering options when employer plan is no longer available

Losing Employer Coverage

Special Election details when losing a group employer plan
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Which Type of Plan?

Choosing between a supplement or an advantage plan

Which type of plan?

The difference between a supplement and advantage plan
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Choosing Part D Plan

Evaluating a part D plan that covers prescriptions and avoiding penalties

Choosing a part D Plan

Comparing prescription drug options
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What is Medicaid?

Determining eligibility for medicaid will help determine plan type

Medicaid Plan Options

Evaluating your eligibility for medicaid
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