Who Qualifies for Free Medicare Part A?

Medicare contains two parts; there’s Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. Medicare Part A covers hospital insurance, whereas Medicare Part B covers medical insurance. Medical Part A will cover Medicare inpatient care. So, who qualifies for free Medicare part A and what are the facilities? Anyone 65 or above is able to qualify for…

10 Medicare Mistakes To Avoid

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10 Medicare Mistakes To Avoid

1. Doctors not in network.

2. Chronic health conditions that require expensive costly treatments higher than it should be.

3. Prescription drugs not covered.

4. Expensive prescriptions that put you in the coverage gap. (Donut Hole)

5. Referrals not processed timely.

6. Bills received that are not owed.

7. Prior authorizations not done timely.

8. Additional benefits such as a free gym membership not included.

9. Pharmacy not in network.

10. Premiums continue to escalate.


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