If you have been keen, you may have noticed that original Medicare does not have a provision for dental and vision cover. In no way, it is not an excuse not to bother with getting yourself covered on dental and vision health. Already you may be asking: how do I get dental and vision coverage with Medicare? Alternatively, you may seek supplemental or upgrading benefits. But do not do any of these without consulting a professional.

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This post is going to tell you how. It will explore some of the exceptions you can pursue to get Medicare cover for your dental and vision needs. You will also get several alternative covers just in case you do not qualify for the Medicate exceptions.

How to Get Dental and Vision Cover With Medicare

While basic Medicare does not extend its coverage to dental and vision problems, there are several exceptions you can explore. One such way out is the combination of your general dental cover with all the other hospital and medical covers you are getting from Medicare. It simply means enrolling for the Medicare Advantage Plan.

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Alternatively, there is another way that will allow you to keep your original Medicare. Add Medigap plan to your existing cover. Medigap typically comes with a dental cover or you can still have your dental health covered separately.

A good example would be when you are involved in an accident and your jaw is broken. For starters, original Medicare already covers your jaw reconstruction. In another case where you have a disease that affects your teeth, Medicare will still cover the teeth extraction as long as it is a problem coming directly connected to the disease.

Alternatives for Dental Cover

It is evident that the original Medicare does not cover both dental and vision problems. If you have to use Medicare, then you should get Medicare Advantage plan or Medigap. But you will still have to meet the exception criteria, which may leave you vulnerable. In that case, there are several alternatives you can turn to;

Dental Discount Card

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When you get dental cover privately, some dental professionals will reward you with a dental discount card. You will pay the total cost of your dental treatment, but there is an added advantage when you get the card. You will have an access to a collection of dental professionals who will give discounts whenever you seek their services. To get the card, there is an annual fee you pay and you can use it whenever you have a dental problem.

Dental Insurance

If after exploring all Medicare choices and nothing seems to work for you, you have no other option than going for dental insurance. There are several service providers near you. Go online and compare dental insurance providers and analyze their packages. Choose someone with all the certifications, experience, and reputation for good services. Dental insurance comes with higher premium rates, but there is the advantage of discounts.

If you have been asking: How do I get dental and vision coverage with Medicare? You have the answer. You can take advantage of Medicare exceptions or decide to get an alternative insurance or upgrading your existing policy. However, make sure you talk to a professional about your options.