How Do I Get Dental and Vision Coverage With Medicare?


If you have been keen, you may have noticed that original Medicare does not have a provision for dental and vision cover. In no way, it is not an excuse not to bother with getting yourself covered on dental and vision health. Already you may be asking: how do I get dental and vision coverage […]

Does Medicare Part F Cover Prescriptions

Medicare Part F offers the most comprehensive coverage under Medicare supplemental insurance plans. Plan F is also known as Medigap because it covers the gap in Medicare plans A and B. Does Medicare part F cover prescriptions? You can get consultation and treatment without paying anything. However, plan F does not cover prescriptions. There are […]

Medicare Plan Overview

Medicare Advantage Plans with their all-in-one Medicare packages are maintaining their popularity, according to Google Trends. New enrollees are used to HMO- and PPO-style healthcare because that’s usually what they had with their employers. It’s just more of the same for them. Medicare Advantage Plans can also be a money-saver for those in good health […]