What are the 4 Types of Medicare

What are the 4 Types of Medicare

Generally, Medicare has different parts that cover specific services. Most people receive their benefits through Original Medicare, which includes Parts A and B benefits. This is also referred to as Traditional Medicare where the federal government pays directly for your healthcare services. However, there are other types of Medicare that can provide additional coverage. So, […]

Does Medicare Part F Cover Prescriptions

Medicare Part F offers the most comprehensive coverage under Medicare supplemental insurance plans. Plan F is also known as Medigap because it covers the gap in Medicare plans A and B. Does Medicare part F cover prescriptions? You can get consultation and treatment without paying anything. However, plan F does not cover prescriptions. There are […]

Who Qualifies for Free Medicare Part A?

Medicare contains two parts; there‚Äôs Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. Medicare Part A covers hospital insurance, whereas Medicare Part B covers medical insurance. Medical Part A will cover Medicare inpatient care. So, who qualifies for free Medicare part A and what are the facilities? Anyone 65 or above is able to qualify for […]