How Do I Get Dental and Vision Coverage With Medicare?


If you have been keen, you may have noticed that original Medicare does not have a provision for dental and vision cover. In no way, it is not an excuse not to bother with getting yourself covered on dental and vision health. Already you may be asking: how do I get dental and vision coverage […]

Does Medicare Part F Cover Prescriptions

Medicare Part F offers the most comprehensive coverage under Medicare supplemental insurance plans. Plan F is also known as Medigap because it covers the gap in Medicare plans A and B. Does Medicare part F cover prescriptions? You can get consultation and treatment without paying anything. However, plan F does not cover prescriptions. There are […]

Is Medicare Part B Mandatory at Age 65?

Medicare is a whole new world of information, and if you are turning 65, it can be a little overwhelming. Medicare Part B is a more comprehensive health scheme compared to Medicare Part A. But what’s the catch in it and is Medicare Part B mandatory at age 65? When enrolling for Medicare, you have […]

Does Medicare Cover Surgery?

As affordable as medicare makes healthcare, it can be pretty difficult calculating the costs shared and the type of medical services actually covered. One wrong miscalculation of a grey area can be down right costly. A common grey area is surgery. Medicare doesn’t actually deny surgery, but it is crucial to make sure you know […]